Creating a new brand and launching a three-way merger for a political startup
Branding + Sub-branding
Landing page
Digital Marketing Design
Event and Merchandising Design

We were navigating a three-way merger through a comprehensive campaign, encompassing the creation of a new brand identity, rebranding across marketing channels, landing page development, and marketing design. We needed to do a nationwide brand launch while modernizing political identity - striking a balance that preserves existing support while appealing to a new generation of voters.


The largest challenge when creating a political brand is taking into account the complexities of current and past political identities: considering imagery, iconography, and even more subversive design elements such as color profiles and visual hierarchy. Secondly, we needed convey the 'big-tent' political concept without aligning with centrism, aiming for a modernized approach that avoids alienating.

Please note, a recent shift in messaging under the new communications manager has taken place to make their current identity strictly centrist, which is a major shift from the branding you see here which was strictly not centrist (hence no purple on this page - color theory, folks). Either way, we were able to do an amazing launch under the previous comms strategy and bolster the start-up for success!


Successfully orchestrated a cohesive brand design and launch across various channels, encompassing the development of a landing page, digital campaigns, branded emails, and in-person event creation. This strategic approach resulted in the generation of hundreds of thousands in web traffic and a record cumulative volunteer sign-up achievement.