Coldwell Banker Atlanta

Traditional real estate advertising - print and digital - supporting some of the top agents in Coldwell Banker Atlanta offices
Intermittent since 2019
Marketing Design
Digital + Print
Reoccurring campaigns

Objective with real estate agent marketing is always to highlight achievements, awards, past performance, etc.. so that it builds a level of trust with potential clients. From a design perspective, consistency with approachable and clean design helps clients feel comfortable, which helps enforce the authority of the agent.


The main challenge with this is how to merge or use both the luxury and standard branding as set by the brokerage. This also means always including specific legal language into sometimes quite small designs. From a messaging perspective, when creating agent-specific ads, we need to target both buyers and sellers which is sometimes quite opposing messaging.


In the time I've worked with the primary client, Nicole Davis, she's achieved record sale prices and achieved top performance accolades in the brokerage. We have multiple recurrent advertising tactics each month that I am proud to manage and be trusted with.