Blue Heron Homes

Supporting the launch of a new branch of business through marketing design, UI elements, and balancing multiple sub-branding identities.
Print, Digital, and UI Assets
Brand Design
Product Launch

The main goal was in support of their Nexus product launch campaign. As part of the new branch of the business, the Oasi neighborhood also needed unique sub-branding - communicating the neighborhood's inspiration and idealization. Overall, the new product line needed marketing assets that were clean, sophisticated, accessible; yet tailored to luxury buyers and, especially, in alignment with the primary branding.


Our primary challenge was navigating the delicate balance of upholding a luxurious brand profile of a custom builder, now for spec homes. Secondly, we needed to tackle the creating of the Oasi brand and determining which lifestyle aspects of the neighborhood we wanted to feature through the design. As we were working within strict overarching brand guidelines, integrating various sub-brands into consistent marketing design brought its own challenge to the project.


Print, email, and digital campaigns; on-site and off-site Out-of-Home (OOH) initiatives; and interactive, illustrative UI assets were created not only for the product launch, but also for evergreen use. The Oasi identity was refined, then added to their brand umbrella. Overall, alongside agency marketers and in-house client teams, we were able to support their Nexus launch and pull off an in-depth omnichannel campaign.